Cheyne Pizzino


SML Office

1123 Celebration Ave, Ste 106 Moneta, VA 24121

Cheyne Pizzino has had experience in several different settings in his work career, from customer service, to distribution, to sales.  It wasn’t until he and his wife decided they were ready to buy their own home that he started to think about becoming a realtor.  Cheyne saw firsthand how helpful it was to have a good realtor at their side as they went through the process of searching for the right home.  A gregarious guy who really cares about people, Cheyne caught the vision for helping others ready to embark on purchasing a home, knowing there are few other investments as likely to grow in value.  He immediately started to prepare to do just that. He earned his realtor’s license, and began to live out his passion for helping people achieve their dreams.


Cheyne grew up in Franklin County; he and his wife Emily currently live in Roanoke.  In his spare time, Cheyne enjoys collecting and selling antiques, indulging his love of history, playing the clarinet, and playing around with virtual reality.  But there’s nothing “virtual” about the reality of Cheyne’s commitment to work hard and smart for his clients; he’s the real deal, determined to deliver full satisfaction.