Cristina Anglin


SML Office

1123 Celebration Ave, Ste 106 Moneta, VA 24121

Cristina is originally from Harrisonburg, Virginia.  After high school, she entered the armed forces as a Navy Seabee (a member of the Naval Construction Force).  While serving in the Navy, Cristina met and married her husband Richard.  She and Rich and their three children made moves to Sicily (Italy), Mississippi, Illinois, Virginia Beach, and California in the years that followed. While on the West Coast, Cristina got her degree in studio art from California State University, Channel Islands. 


Once her husband retired, the way was finally clear for them to relocate to a place of their choosing.  Cristina says, “Smith Mountain Lake had always been on my list of places I’d like to go;” so they moved to Forest when Rich was offered a job there.  When they met Jody Lyons, they were impressed with his expertise and knowledge of SML; and with his help they recently moved to Moneta, closer to the lake.                                                                             


In her spare time, Cristina enjoys exercising, traveling with her husband, and creating custom art.  But ever since she and Rich bought their first house, she’s wanted to be a real estate agent.  Over the years of military transfers, they bought and flipped a number of houses, learning firsthand about the effects of housing market fluctuations, and a host of other lessons.  They had some “wins,” and some “losses;” but they were all valuable learning experiences that were preparing her to help others sell and buy their homes.  In pursuit of that dream, she recently earned her license, and got in touch with the Lyons.  Cristina says, “I love helping people, and I love helping people find what they want in a house.  I really enjoy helping them find ‘a good fit.’”  With her background in construction, experience buying and selling her own houses, and her passion for helping others, Cristina Anglin is definitely ‘a good fit’ for Lyons Team Realtors.